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What is the Difference Between SLA, VRLA and AGM Batteries?

Posted by : admin / On : Thu, Jun 2020 /

Sealed Lead Acid or Valve Regulated Lead Acid are commonly known as SLA OR VRLA respectively. These kinds of batteries have unique characteristics such as they are maintenance-free, leak-proof, position insensitive. They even have a safety vent to release gas in case of a lot of internal pressure build-up. Whereas, AGM, also known as Absorbed Glass Mat is a specific type of SLA/VRLA wherein the electrolyte is being absorbed into separators between the plates which consists of sponge-like fine glass fiber mats. To find the best batteries and it’s specifications one must reach out to ​SMF Battery Shop in Faridabad.

Mainly the lead-acid battery has been widely used over the past many decades as an energy-storage device for medium- and large-scale applications but lately the traditional flooded design of the battery has started replacing by an alternative design- the VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid) which literally requires no refill of the water content of the electrolyte solution and moreover it does not spill liquids, which makes it easy be used in any desired orientation.

Technical improvement has been important to meet the exacting performance needs of the full scope of applications in which rechargeable batteries are utilized due to which VRLA batteries operate in a little different way in comparison to it’s flooded counterparts.

The lead-acid battery consists of lead-acid cells which are wired in a series combination inside a single container. These cells hold two plates of lead hanging in a fluid-like electrolyte solution of sulfuric acid. While being used, the battery creates power by lessening the lead plates, transforming them into lead-sulfuric-oxide. This procedure is switched once the battery is charged – which means the lead-sulfuric-oxide is separated going it to unadulterated lead and sulfuric corrosive. Since this opposite procedure isn't great, hydrogen gas is discharged before it can totally blend in with the water inside the battery compartment. To forestall the development of the hydrogen gas (which may make the battery detonate), a vent is utilized to diminish the weight. The volume of gas radiated by the VRLA battery is exceptionally little under a typical float and equalization charging conditions and unique mechanical ventilation would not ordinarily be required. Hydrogen is lighter than air and scatters rapidly all through the encompassing climate. To know more about the best VRLA Battery Dealer in Faridabad you may reach out to us. VRLA batteries are common and found in many applications, such as online ups, medical mobility scooters batteries, toy and alarm systems.

Advantages of VRLA Batteries:

  1. Virtually no threat of acid leakage
  2. Less required maintenance, because the batteries never have to be filled with water
  3. Consume less space
  4. Less required ventilation area

Disadvantages of VRLA Batteries:

  1. More expensive
  2. Shorter life span
  3. Do not tolerate overcharging

Primarily there are two types of VRLA Batteries: the Gel Cell and the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM).

Gel Cell Battery contains an immobile jelly-like electrolyte in which the sulfuric acid is mixed with fumed (pyrogenic) silica which is considered as a thickening agent. Gel Cell Batteries are mainly used in electric wheelchairs,  medical mobility batteries, trolling motor batteries, and RV deep cycle batteries.

While Absorbed Glass Mat Battery (AGM) is the type of batteries in which the acid is absorbed and immobilized in between the plates by very thin fiberglass mats. The total development makes the acid promptly accessible to the plates and permits a brisk reaction between the acid and plate material. The plates in an AGM Battery might be of any shape making their structure truly adaptable. AGM Batteries have the upside of an exceptionally low inside electrical obstruction and quicker corrosive development between the fiber and the plates permitting AGM Batteries to give and take higher paces of amperage when contrasted with other fixed batteries during charging cycles. AGM batteries are common and found in many applications such as RV batteries, boat batteries, motorcycle batteries, ATV batteries, and UPS & Telecom batteries for generators.

Advantages of AGM Batteries:

● Spill-proof through acid encapsulation in matting technology

● High specific power, low internal resistance

● Up to 5 times fast charging

● Better cycle life than with flooded systems

● Water retention

● Vibration resistance due to sandwich construction

● Stands up well to cold temperature

Limitations of AGM Batteries:

  1. Higher manufacturing cost than flooded Batteries
  2. Low specific energy
  3. Must be stored in charged condition

AGM Batteries are the ideal decision for bikes and ATV's. Deep-cycle AGMs are additionally usually utilized in off-grid solar power and wind power installations as an energy preserving bank and in enormous scope, novice applies autonomy, for example, the FIRST and IGVC rivalries. To get the Best VRLA batteries to serve all your problems contact your nearest VRLA Battery Dealer in Faridabad.

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