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What is a Traction Battery?

Posted by : admin / On : Sun, Oct 2020 /

Traction batteries, constituting one among the two basic industrial battery categories along with side stationer batteries, are energy storage systems utilized in mobile vehicles. Traction batteries identified with Pzs plate are most generally utilized in industrial forklifts trucks, ground cleaning machines, carrying or lifting platforms, electric vehicles, airport vehicles, mechanical handling equipment(MHE), underground mining locomotives.

Traction batteries are divided into 2 categories counting on their sort of production: gel/VRLA and flooded (liquid electrolyte). they need different standards as DIN, British, and USA in terms of their geometrical specifications. In our country, mainly batteries produced consistent with DIN standard sizes are used.

Garg Trading Company is here to supply the right solution to your battery requirements. Our branded battery ranges include Hawker, Amaron and Exide/GNB Exide. These battery management systems deliver sustained, trouble-free and economic performance under the foremost demanding operational conditions. we offer Batteries with a 1 and 2-year warranty, often with a buy-back option.

Traction batteries also referred to as electric vehicle batteries, are most generally used as forklift batteries but are often utilized in various other applications. Hiring Traction batteries is an efficient alternative to purchasing them outright. Garg Trading Company provides traction batteries in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida and Faridabad. We at Garg Trading Company provide EV Battery chargers that are well maintained and are of top quality.

How to decide what batteries to hire?

While looking to exchange your old 2V traction battery, you would like to make certain you get the proper battery for the work. That’s why we at got to ask you some questions before we will assist you to hire or buy the proper battery for your needs.

Garg Trading Company can always ready to support customers and they can provide more offers and discounts for their customers. For any inquiries, you can visit this traction battery Dealer in Delhi or make a call to our customer support executives. They can ready to help you at any time.

For the best forklifts Battery shop in the Faridabad, Noida you may reach out to Garg Trading Company. You may avail of the best Traction Battery price and best deals on it in the city.

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