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As soon as you place an order, you will receive a call from our representative to confirm and verify the order, shipping details and verifying the address. You can pay online by credit or debit card, meanwhile, Paytm and cash on delivery facility is also available. After the confirmation call and payment procedure is over, soon you will receive an email that contains the order ID and docket number and delivery timing of your product.

We usually deliver the battery within 2-4 hours after your order is confirmed by our verification officer. But in case the time of delivery doesn’t suit you, better to our verification manager to call you to confirm the details of the order. In this call, you will be asked about your availability too. We always try to deliver the product at the time which suits our customers.

The batteries which you will be receiving would be completely charged. They are ready to use at the moment you receive and can be installed directly.

The manufacturers are the one who takes care of the after sales service of the product. The same case is with the batteries, if you have bought a battery from us and it faces some kind of issue in its warranty period, then the right thing for you to do is contacting the battery manufacturer’s toll-free or get in touch with their service station. For an instance, if your Exide battery for inverter is under warranty needs to be checked, you have to contact the Exide battery Service station.

there is various reasons for the weakening of the batteries. Most importantly, the ways you maintain can make lots of changes in the batteries life. In fact, proper use of the batteries can increase its longevity so read out the batteries safety kit given in the package along with the product. Generally, the battery fails due to driving in a rough or rash way. Using the battery for different –different things like air-conditioning, lighting, music system, and giving extra load can also make it weak.

After taking the guideline about how we can maintain the battery, you will be able to increase your car battery’s performance as well as its life. You just have to follow the tips given below to increase your car battery’s life. Therefore you need to carefully follow them because if you don’t follow it properly, you may not assure longevity and face hazardous problems with your car battery.

  • If you find some sort of corrosion in the battery of your car, clean it instantly with baking soda or warm water.
  • You have to keep inspecting for different sorts of damages in the battery and it should always fully charged. Apart from it, the wires which connect to the battery should be completely clean.
  • Make a habit to clean the dust from the battery of your car that can help you to avoid corrosion. Meanwhile, try to clean the battery surface and the case also.
  • You can lubricate the battery cables points with petroleum jelly products regularly.

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