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Online Solar Battery and Panel Store in Ballabhgarh, Faridabad


Solar Battery:

Being a various companies Solar Battery dealer in Faridabad, we have introduced several companies’ new models of Solar batteries in the market. We can take an instance of the Luminous, Exide Solar battery. Their battery model is widely available on online markets in India, but other dealers may not provide you the discounted Solar Battery price in India that we do. Let’s have look at the key features of the Solar batteries that we supply across India.

Key Features of Solar batteries:

Generally, our solar batteries have a life expectancy of minimum 1215 cycles and 80% depth of discharge and life expectancy is 3 to 5 years. The brand we are dealing with is suitable for almost all solar inverters and its overcharge tolerance level is far better other batteries provided by several dealers.

• The Solar Batteries we supply are specially designed for Solar Applications.
• C10 rated Capacity with Higher Efficiency
• Low maintenance with Topping up Frequency
• Self-discharge rate – 3%

Solar Panels:

We are the leading solar Panels dealer in Faridabad. We do have almost all brands of solar ups, solar panel, solar battery, solar street light etc. These Solar Panels are IEC certified highly efficient to convert sunlight into electricity at any place. Meanwhile, the panels we supply are made of ultra-pure silicon cells and generally, their performance warranty of the device is 25 years or as per the manufacturer. Meanwhile, their strong lightweight aluminum frame gives it multi-fold high torsion resistances against natural calamities like windstorm, snow and heavy rains. Let’s have a look at the key features of the Solar Panels.

Key Features of Solar Panels:

The brands of solar Panels we in the dealership with, generally include Multi-layer encapsulation to protect the module from harsh weather effects. The quality of the solar Panels we provide will definitely increase the power generating and conversion capacity. Let’s have a look at the solar Panels features.

• Field Structure to improve cell conversion efficiency.
• Multi-layer encapsulation
• Strong lightweight Aluminum frame offers high torsion resistance.
• High-efficiency Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cells
• Anti-Reflective Coating and Back Surface.

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